ENPB Movement Mission: To educate New Puppy Buyers (NPBs) on what they should expect from the person they are buying their puppy from.

If you are a breeder who agrees with the Mission of the ENPB Movement, please show your support by
downloading either of the graphics below with a link on the image to: http://ENPB.org/index.html

The KEY to the success of the ENPB Movement is sharing this with ALL reputable breeders you know & getting them to join in supporting the ENPB Movement.

You can also download the ENPB.PDF file which is a handout to share with others about the site, the "3 Simple Rules" and the "11 Q&A's" <CLICK HERE>.

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An example:

We Support the Educating New Puppy Buyer Movement, click the image below to find out more!

If you have any questions, you can email Jen@ENPB.org

Thank you to Linda Logan at Kiseki Akitas for designing and donating the ENPB logos.


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