Introducing your Akita to Other Pets

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If your dog is having ANY medical or behavior problems that might be related to health, you should take your dog to your Veterinarian. Behavior problems that might be caused by health issues are things like newly developed aggression, some anxiety issues, a dog wandering as if in a trance & so many more.

Meeting on Neutral Ground,
Bringing a New Dog Home
An Akita meeting a boxer  (do NOT let Meet # 2 progress to the point that another dog jumps on your Akita or vice-versa) (Added 1/28/15)
Introductions with other dogs in the home
(Added 1/28/15)
Introducing a puppy to an adult Akita
(Added 1/28/15)

My dog is toy/food possessive (also referred to as Resource Guarding) -
the best way to avoid food aggression is to let dogs eat alone, in a secure place
Food aggression - puppy food aggression (Added 2/4/2021)

Treatment of food possession in dogs is about finesse not force -
(Added 1/28/15)
Resource Guarding Against Other Dogs (Added 1/28/15)
How to Break a Dogs Possessiveness (Added 1/28/15)
Possessive Aggression in Dogs (Added 1/28/15)
Dealing With Obsessive Dog Behaviors (Added 2/4/2021)
Aggressive Dog Behavior Modification (Added 2/4/2021)