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The following is a list of resources for Akita owners who are having a problem with their Akita (though they may benefit other breeds too or be general dog resources). While we will try to keep these resources current, due to the ever evolving nature of the Internet, there is no guarantee that all links will work. Please let us know if a link is not working & we will correct it or remove it as soon as possible (Akita.Coach@gmail.com).

Ideally we want you to connect to an Akita Coach near you 

The buttons above lead to online resources for the subjects in the Index below & other resources for Akita owners. While some of the links are Akita specific, others are general dog information that will apply to the subject they are listed under.

Click on the appropriate button for online resources to help you find what you need.

NOTE: If you got your Akita from a reputable breeder, put their number on speed-dial & make sure you have their email - - they should be one of your FIRST resources for any problems that are not medical, needing veterinary intervention. Even then, a good breeder will want to know about any medical issues of any dog from their breedings.

The inclusion of a service, organization or program on this page is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We are not able to guarantee the quality of services. We strongly suggest that you check them out yourself before using a specific service.

If your dog is having ANY medical or behavior problems that might be related to health, you should take your dog to your Veterinarian. Behavior problems that might be caused by health issues are things like newly developed aggression, some anxiety issues, a dog wandering as if in a trance & so many more.

Anxiety Issues

Separation Anxiety
Problems with Thunderstorms or Fireworks
Fearful dogs

General health issues, some of which might be more common in Akitas
Thyroid Issues
SA - Sebaceous Adonitis
PRA - Progressive Retinal Atrophy
UD or VKH (Uveodermatologic Syndrome)
Cruciate Ligament Tears
Nail Clipping

Other Pets
Information about introducing your Akita to other pets in the home, at obedience class, at the park & out on the town

Veterinary Bill Assistance Programs

Help for Senior Akitas
Crowdfunding links

Canine Good Citizen CGC
Understanding the General Akita Temperament
Behavior modification
Leave It or Drop It
House training

Socialization & Play
This section is for ideas & solutions to make sure your Akita plays well with the family & other people. (See other pets for animal socialization)

Dealing with allergies your dog may have
Mitigating allergies your family may develop to your Akita

Pet Poisons
A list of things poisonous to your dog (300+ foods, plants, medicines & household items)
24/7 1-855-764-7661 (calls NOT free)

Dog Friendly Apartment Search

Leashes & Other Equipment
Types of leashes & collars.
Fitting a collar properly.
Finding the right equipment is important. It doesn't matter if you're walking your dog, training or finding toys to combat boredom, the right tool is critical.

Crates & Kennel Runs
Resources for buying them; determining what kind is most appropriate for your Akita.
Helping you find the right size for your Akita.
How to find kennel runs/dog runs. What kind you should consider.
Photo examples of all kinds of crates

Just didn't fit anywhere else
Reporting disreputable breeders or bad pet stores
Android/iOS Apps

About Akitas
Akita Club of America, the Standard

Akitas-4-U Just about the most informative site about Akitas on the web
General Akita Temperament
Other sites with general info about Akitas

Akita Club of America

Finding an Akita Coach near you
Akita Coaches are other Akita owners, just like you.
They have agreed to help Akitas & their owner's locally, who are having any number of issues with their Akita.

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