Send a request to see if there is an
Akita Coach in your area

It is important that you give us ALL of this information:
Name (First & Last):
City AND State:
Phone # including area code:
Your Akita's Name:
Is your Akita spayed/neutered (Yes/No)?
How old is your Akita?
Please describe the problem you are having with your Akita?

We will see if there is an Akita Coach in your area. If you do not receive a response in 48 hours, it means there was no coach available in your area.
Got to for online resources that might help or contact your local shelter or Akita Rescue.
We cannot guarantee that there is a coach available in every area.

NOTE: If you got your Akita from a reputable breeder, put their number on speed-dial & make sure you have their email - - they should be one of your FIRST resources for any problems that are not medical, needing veterinary intervention. Even then, a good breeder will want to know about any medical issues of any dog from their breedings.

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