Assistance with Vet Bills

The inclusion of a service, organization or program on this page is NOT an endorsement or recommendation. We are not able to guarantee the quality of services. We strongly suggest that you check them out yourself before using a specific service.

If your dog is having ANY medical or behavior problems that might be related to health, you should take your dog to your Veterinarian. Behavior problems that might be caused by health issues are things like newly developed aggression, some anxiety issues, a dog wandering as if in a trance & so many more.

Veterinary Bill Assistance Programs (Added 1/21/15):
The Big Hearts Fund:  (Added 1/21/15)
Red Rover, Bringing Animals from Crisis to Care; links to several varieties of assistance: (Added 3/27/16)
Condition Specific Assistance (Added 3/27/16)

Red Rover Resource Library (Added 2/4/2021)

The Dog And Cat Cancer Fund: (Added 1/21/15)
Frankie's Friends: 
(Added 1/21/15)
Handicapped Pets Foundation:
(Added 1/21/15)
The Mosby Foundation: (Added 1/21/15)
The Onyx and Breezy Foundation:  (Added 1/21/15)
Paws 4 A Cure:
(Added 1/21/15)
The Pet Fund:
(Added 1/21/15)
(Added 1/21/15)
Shakespeare Animal Fund:
(Added 1/21/15)
Aid-A-Pet Grant
(Added 1/28/15)

Spay/Neuter Assistance for Akitas (Added 2/4/2021)

Senior Akitas Only

Assistance for help with SENIOR Akitas: (Added 1/22/15)

Crowdfunding & Other Fund Raising Sites
- Be aware that Crowdfunding sites will usually charge a fee for processing payments (usually a small flat %), some charge for listing on their site, but many allow listing for free. Some sites are for Non-Profits or Business Ventures only, but here are a few that let you reach out for almost any kind of funding. (Added 1/22/15) (Added 1/22/15) (Added 1/22/15) (1/22/15)

Social Media (facebook, google+, Twitter, Ello etc....)
Start a facebook campaign & SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Make sure you set it up as "public" so that all of your fb friends & family can share it freely.

One of the biggest ways to help make sure this works is to publish the name/phone number of the vet treating your Akita - Most people prefer to give the funds straight to the vet.
Set up a PayPal or Google Checkout account to accept funds, just be aware that there is a nominal payment processing fee for both of these.