Anxiety Issues

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If your dog is having ANY medical or behavior problems that might be related to health, you should take your dog to your Veterinarian. Behavior problems that might be caused by health issues are things like newly developed aggression, some anxiety issues, a dog wandering as if in a trance & so many more.

Anxiety can stem from health issues, environmental factors (such as fireworks), past experiences or lack of confidence.

It is important to make sure to talk to your vet to rule out health problems if you're Akita is experiencing anxiety issues that aren't obviously triggered by the environment.

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Clipping your Akitas nails

Clipping a dogs nails can be a HUGE deal, especially if the dog has ever had someone clip them too short before. If you are unsure at all about how far to trim or how to do it properly, talk to your vet, or a VERY experienced groomer. A lot of Akitas have dark nails & that can make it difficult to determine where to not cut. If you got your Akita from a reputable breeder they can also give you advice & show you how to do it.