Beware AI Generated Images and Rescue Scams

NOTE: The pictures on this page are AI generated - they are NOT real!

This is
                  an AI generated photo - NOT a real dog

*this is a fake, AI-generated dog*
Let’s talk about Artificial Intelligence and shelter dogs! 🤓

AI-generated images are still a novelty, but it’s shocking how quickly the tool is progressing. Which can be exciting but poses serious ethical concerns.

A year ago, I prompted a small AI generator to create images of “sad shelter dogs.” The results were wonky, weird, AI couldn’t decide where the dog ended, and the cage begun (see comments below). I LOVED those results because there was something poetic about them. Knowing how long shelter dogs spend in their cages, it made sense a “computer” couldn’t differentiate between them and their environment. I turned a few into oil paintings for my exhibit last October (see comments).

Today, this is what the exact same prompt gets me! The portrait of the dog is perfection. I don’t know if I should feel awe or be scared. Especially since this means my days as an artist might be counted.

This could be a great tool for rescues or shelters wanting to populate their website with high quality images that don’t necessarily need to be a real dog (like stock images). But it also means that the line between reality and fiction is now almost undistinguishable. Technically this means fake rescues could attempt at raising money using fake dogs and situations entirely created by AI.

As a rule of thumb, beware of the beautiful photos you see floating around these days! Many are 100% computer generated. You can tell because they almost feel “too perfect” and if you check the little details, you’ll see swirls and weird artefacts (humans with 6 fingers or an extra arm) though AI is getting more accurate by the minute! It’s important to educate yourself and protect yourself.

Original post by Sophia Gamand, March 29, 2023 @ 2:43pm

Thank you to Sophie Gamand for permission to use her post and the AI generated artwork to help educate new puppy buyers. Sophie is an award-winning photographer, artist and advocate for rescue dogs. You can find out more about her and her work on her website

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This is an
        AI generated photo - NOT a real dog
NOTE: The pictures on this page are AI generated - they are NOT real!